About Us

Quality Policy

The management of SMSA is committed to continually improve the company’s performance and meeting its customers’ expectations while offering them a safe, efficient, and professional service.

SMSA is perpetuated to being the leading provider of logistics, freight, mailroom, courier, and E-commerce solutions. Moreover, SMSA provides Healthcare storage and transportation solutions including solutions that are aligned with internationally recognized "Good Distribution Practices". SMSA shall optimize its clients’ benefits for these services by providing them with state-of-the-art support.

Quality is considered to be a personal responsibility for all our employees at SMSA. To preserve it, the top management shall provide the required support and training, whereas the effectiveness of the company operations will be ensured and the associated risks will be systematically avoided.

In addition, SMSA shall implement a working environment for enabled, satisfied, motivated, and committed employees making SMSA “The Employer of Choice”.