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Customer Service Charter


The purpose of this charter is to explain to our customers about the level of service that they should expect from SMSA and how they can give feedback on these services. It is not just a talk – every employee has contributed and bought into this charter. This charter is integral to who we are and it is our commitment to you.


The company is committed to provide an excellent level of customer service and strive to get it right from the first time, every time. Occasionally, things may not go according to plan and even on those rare occasions when we had fallen short of our very high standards, we will ensure that we address and resolve your concerns and put things right quickly and to your complete satisfaction. We are also keen to hear from you if you feel we have exceeded your expectations.


  1. Consider the views of our customers.
  2. Be efficient, effective and accessible.
  3. Be honest, open and accountable for our actions.
  4. Provide a first class service, clear appropriate information, guidance and feedback.
  5. Share and learn from best practices in order to continuously improve on the service we offer to our customers.
  6. Complete an AWB for all shipments and draw our customers attention to the terms and conditions on the back of the AWB.
  7. Offer a range of services with predefined time frames for delivery and service level agreements.
  8. Maintain confidentiality at all times.


  1. We will respect and treat all our customers fairly and equally.
  2. We will provide access to our service 24/7 via our contact center Telephone (920009999).
  3. Provide access to our services for inquiry or complaint via our customer support channels on Social media: Twitter (@smsacare) & Facebook, insatgaram (/smsaexpress) and through support email: info@smsaexpress.com.
  4. Our contact center will pick-up your call rapidly.
  5. We will acknowledge all complaints immediately.
  6. All employees will identify themselves, carry on appropriate ID, and wear a uniform where applicable for certain functions.
  7. Call you back if you ask us to do so.
  8. Give you the name and contact details of the department/section dealing with your inquiry, where we have been unable to answer your enquiry immediately.
  9. Greet you in a polite and helpful manner.
  10. See you as soon as possible.
  11. Let you know the reasons for your wait if a pre-arranged appointment has been delayed.
  12. Give you accurate pricing information.
  13. We will review your individual service needs and where it is possible, we are going to try and accommodate these needs.
  14. We will ensure to provide you with SMSA Service Guide, which includes all genuine information related to our services internationally, domestically and our service delivery commitments.
  15. We will ensure all necessary legal information, terms and conditions will be displayed to you on the back of the shipping air waybill.
  16. We will ensure to provide you with the required information on the air waybill completion in all the service points to avoid the delivery exceptions.
  17. We will ensure that our weighing scales are calibrated and accurate.
  18. We will ensure that cash payment option is available at all our service points, and credit cards option is available at selected service points.
  19. We will ensure all your personal data and privacy will be secure through our systems and internal communications.
  20. We will provide fragile labels for fragile shipments.
  21. For shipping high value contents, we will use dedicated packaging (high value bags and security tags) to keep your shipment secured till completing the delivery.
  22. We will ensure taking all the required action to meet the delivery commitments provided to you unless unavoidable circumstances have been encountered and caused service delay such as and not limited to unavailability of parking, weather conditions, government authorities restrictions…etc.
  23. Use plain English/Arabic for communication.
  24. For any further assistance and inquires you will be able to contact our contact centre 24/7 Telephone (920009999).


  • Qualified Staff

    All staff working at SMSA express should be well qualified to answer our customers inquiries.
  • Information Disclosure

    Customers have the rights to receive accurate, easily comprehended information.
  • Respect Non-discrimination

    Customers have the rights to considerate, a respectful service from the case handling staff or managers, intake coordinators and all other SMSA employees involved in utilization of management’s process
  • Confidentiality of information

    Customers have the right to communicate with case managers and other staff in confidence, and to have their individually identifiable information remain confidential.
  • Complaints

    Customers have a right to report complaints and expect response.
    Complaints should be registered through proper channel.
    Complaints will be handled according to SMSA Complaints Policy, which is available to customers upon request.


 We will ensure that all our employees including the front line staff are competent, qualified and have the appropriate awareness by:

  1. Determining the competency requirements
  2. Identifying the training needs
  3. Providing the required training
  4. Evaluating the staff after completing the required training
  5. Re-training the staff who did not pass the training exam

SMSA has various training modules that are given to all of its employees, including customer service excellence.



We are committed to assess our different delivery channels in order to enhance the service quality by live monitoring of calls, monthly desk rides. In addition, we are conducting customer surveys through IVR, website, Serves Center SMSA Service Centers, and customer’s locations.

We also carry out audits based on the Service Quality Audit Program.


  1. To assist us in delivering a high standard that we would ask you to treat our staff with courtesy and in a manner in which you would be expected to be treated.
  2. When shipping to certain countries, appropriate documentation is required. Provide the required document to ensure the delivery commitment.
  3. Participate in our customer feedback survey at various times of the year.
  4. To comply with all the requirements of the regulators and local authorities during all the service stages.


The company is required to comply with all applicable requirements of the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) legislations, regulations and standards. The regulation requirements are available upon request. In addition to this, the company will also provide services in accordance to IATA regulations and requirements.  


  1. We will develop customer feedback surveys and carry out a customer satisfaction survey on an annual basis in order to maintain a high level of customer’s satisfaction.
  2. Analyse customer complaints and feedback.
  3. Review our customer’s service channels for improvement.
  4. Carry out mystery shopping to ensure that we are meeting our customers’ needs.
  5. We have a team of quality auditors that will carry out audits for continuous improvements.


  1. We are committed to our people and we see them as our most important asset.
  2. We employ experience staff who can gain your trust and respect.
  3. We have an internal training department that provide relevant internal / external training to our employees, including customer service training to all relevant employees.


  1. Invoices are prepared 10th of the following months and the invoice will cover the payments from the 1stto the 30th of the previous month.
  2. We will deliver your invoice by hand to the respective company’s representative on monthly basis. We will also visit your company to pick up the cheque or details for the money transfer.
  3. We aim to make our accounts easy to understand and provide you with all the information required. That include, but not limited to company details, AWB number, date, service type, origin destination, final billing details.
  4. We accept payments through bank transfer, company cheques and cash. The preferred method of payment for corporate customers is bank transfer and cheques.
  5. In the case of non-payments of an account, we will send official reminders. If after the reminders an account is not settled, the account will be made inactive and the legal action taken / collection agency be informed.
  6. An account can be activated after settlement of the account on confirmation by the sales department. The time is subjective and is based on a case by case basis.


If you believe, you have been over or under charged, please contact us as soon as possible.

  1. When an over charge error has been identified, the company will offer an apology in writing within 10 business days. We will refund or credit the amount over charged as per your instructions.
  2. If you have been under charged, we will offer an apology in writing and let you know the amount under charged, the period/AWB number which the error occurred and the amount to be recovered.
  3. If the amount to be recovered is listed on an account, it will be clearly identified as a separate item.
  4. The company uses electronic weight calculation machines and any over or under charge with respect to weight would be adjusted accordingly prior to invoice issue where applicable.


If a customer finds that he is not satisfied with the quality of service provided by the company he can raise a complaint by e-mail, telephone, and letter or in person by contacting our customer service department, SMSA HQ, Dabbab Street, Riyadh. Telephone 920009999.


All complaints received by the company are taken very seriously. Trained customer service agents will attempt to resolve your complaint immediately. If your complaint is not resolved immediately then a member of the customer care team will follow the following steps:

  1. Gather and analyze all relevant information, clarifying any confusion, which may have occurred.
  2. Decide on an appropriate action to resolve the complaint.
  3. Communicate with the appropriate departments.
  4. May use the ‘voice of customer committee’ (VCC- A panel of senior managers) to help to resolve the complaints in certain cases.
  5. Regularly update customers on progress until the matter is finalized.
  6. Refund will be settled (if applicable) in accordance with SMSA Claims Policy.
  7. SMSA has set the appropriate policy and committed to treat all the customers fairly in a non-discriminated manner in all the company’s activities.
  8. If SMSA received any complaint requires providing official document data to a customer or external authority, by the request will be reviewed by the Legal department.
  9. Any complaint relevant to the Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE), customer regulatory and other legal requirements, will be referred to the concerned department and reviewed jointly with SMSA Quality & Risk Management department for HSE and the Legal department for regulatory matters.