Complaint Policy

Customer Complaint Handling Policy

SMSA aims to continuously improve the services provided to its customers. Effective complaints management is fundamental to the provision of quality services and provides the channels for obtaining feedback from its customers with the purpose of resolving disputes and reforming policies and procedures. SMSA is also committed to comply with the external government authority rules in case of escalation or disputes and reduce the financial and operational impact on the customer.

In the event that service quality standards are not met and the customer submits a complaint, SMSA is committed to settling the complaint in accordance with the internal policies and procedures of SMSA and in compliance with the laws, regulations and rules of the official authorities.

Complaint Handling Policy

  • SMSA has established a department specialized in managing direct or escalated customer complaints to the regulatory authorities.
  • SMSA customers have the right to file complaints, and the complaints management staff are committed to effective and efficient resolution of complaints or problems that may arise from the services provided by SMSA. The customer can view his rights in filing complaints by visiting the following link: Terms & Conditions
  • Customer complaints are processed within a period of five (5) to seven (7) working days, unless the processing requires further additional procedures.
  • Complaints can be submitted through all customer communication channels by visiting the communication channels link: 
  • SMSA provides multiple channels of communication for the customer around the clock to inform him about the status of his complaint.
  • SMSA does not charge any fees when submitting a complaint.
  • SMSA is committed to the confidentiality and privacy of the complaining customer's data, and his data is not shared with any party, except for the official authorities and according to an official request.
  • The complaints management system included in this internal policy and procedures will be reviewed periodically (at least annually), with the aim of enhancing transparency and efficiency and achieving maximum satisfaction for SMSA customers. Our complaints management policy will always be available on our website: