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DG Service

Dangerous Goods

SMSA Express provides a global complete set of DANGEROUS GOODS SERVICES through our own Local and Worldwide Offices and an additional network of… KNOW MORE



Your time is our top priority. Business happens at warp speed. But until someone invents a time machine, SMSA is your fastest way to deliver from… KNOW MORE

Freight New


We’re built for big. Whether it's a few pallets headed to the next city or several truckloads bound for distant destinations, businesses from… KNOW MORE

Logistics New


Boost your business performance. Every business is a machine, the sum of many moving parts. When the parts align to move smoothly and efficiently… KNOW MORE

Ecom New


Shopping support for the 21st Century. These days, more and more purchases happen in the virtual world - and for that, you need real-world tools,… KNOW MORE


Packaging Solutions

SMSA provides customers with a range of complimentary packaging suitable for documents or parcels up to 25 kg. For multiple or larger items, we… KNOW MORE