Dangerous Goods

SMSA Express provides a global complete set of DANGEROUS GOODS SERVICES through our own Local and Worldwide Offices and an additional network of Specialized DG Agents for an integrated DG service by AIR, SEA, ROAD and RAIL.

Successful transportation of dangerous cargo is achieved through specialized service provider with expertly trained staff who receives continuoustraining and development to confidently deal with the special needs associated with Dangerous Goods. Our logistics operators are fully certified in dangerous goods for all modes of transport.

Shipments are handled and packed to best practice standards as outlined in the applicable Regulations.


SMSA Express adheres to all global safety standards, and ensuring compliance with all relevant transport Regulations, Legislation & guidelines for example:

  • Air (IATA-DGR)
  • Sea (IMDG)
  • Rail (RID)
  • Road (ADR)
  • 49 CFR

Professional services

Dangerous Goods Logistics experts who have the experience and capabilities to execute the request, problem-solve any setbacks and deliver your dangerous goods safely and securely.

We have the following DG Certified Specialists:

  • (AIR) IATA Category 6
  • IATA Certified Trainers
  • (SEA) IMDG Code Trainer
  • IMDG Code Certified Staff
  • (ROAD) ADR Trained Staff

Qualified Staff


Acknowledging global safety standards, and ensuring compliancewith all relevant transport Regulations and Legislation such as:

  • Air (IATA-DGR)
  • Sea (IMDG)
  • Rail (RID)
  • Road (ADR)
  • 49 CFR

List of Services

  • Warehousing and storage in Certified facilities
  • Import of dangerous goods for use in GCC markets
  • Export of chemicals and various products containing DG
  • Road Transport Nationally and Internationally in compliance with ADR Rules
  • Charter and part Charter of Vessels and Aircraft for Class 1 Military and Commercial explosives
  • Import and export of Class 7 Radioactive material
  • Distribution with specialized equipped vehicles
  • Supply of Packaging for dangerous goods products
  • Packing of dangerous goods
  • Supply of dangerous goods labels and markings
  • Documentation: Dangerous Goods Declarations, certain Permits or transit Permit applications

Oil And Gas

Strategically positioned geographically, we have been handling Oil, Gasand Petrochemical shipments with success for many years.

Customers trust our capabilities and International reach. We deliver a vital part of the supply chain for this Industry.


We are a leading provider of biological consignments for hospitals through the provision of our fulfilment services. Services that are temperature controlled with special vehicles and storage facilities, time sensitive urgent deliveries locally and internationally. Adopting strict Industry guidelines to ensure safety, security and quality.

Life Sciences

We deliver blood samples, Category A and B, organs required for transplants, stem cells and frozen embryos. Whentransporting these delicate and irreplaceable specimens, we take care to ensure it will be delivered safely and in accordance with any special requirements.

Nuclear &Radiopharma

Provision of Dangerous Goods services for the Nuclear and Radiopharmaceutical Industry.Providing specialist service through our extensive knowledge of specific legislation and experience in class 7 handling and shipping.

Aviation Aog

Our services operate on a 24/7 basis, allowing us to support the delivery of urgent aircraft spares around the world and around the clock. Many of these contain dangerous goods.


Different types of chemicals used throughout various Industries. We deliver urgent small and non-urgent bulk consignments worldwide.


Handling Class 1 explosives for both Military and Commercial (mining) applications, we are able to provide end to end logistics from Chartering of Aircraft and Vessels to arranging special permits for transit, and delivery.


Delivery of weapons and military equipment worldwide requires lengthy preplanning to ensure an effective plan. Safety and security is a vital priority. Together with achieving the required clearances to provide a smooth logistics operation in a highly sensitive environment.


We supply dangerous goods packaging and supplies in compliance with Regulations to ensure goods are kept secure and meet the applicable requirements to allow goods to be transported.

Road Transport

Following ADR Rules we apply stringent measures when transporting dangerous goods by road, including any Country specific Regulations. Vehicles are fitted with tracking systems, racking for securing of DG, firefighting equipment, trained drivers and haz spill kits for safe transport.


Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Chemicals hazard classification, associated risks and exposure concerns are taken into account for regulation enforcements of relevant competent authorities, safety and security requirements and compliance. With a highly skilful staff and warehouse management system (WMS), operations and emergency response preparedness, we carry out Dangerous Goods warehousing with complete logistics inefficiency.