Special Delivery Channel

Special Delivery Channel

For sensitive shipments, trust in our extra-special handling and accountability. SMSA Special Delivery Channel is designed with absolute security and traceability in mind. Ongoing notifications and a fully dedicated call centre mean you never lose touch with your precious shipment. Customized security measures ensure peace of mind from delivery to destination.

Our service allows you to focus on core business activities knowing your goods are in safe hands. See why the major financial institutions and elite clients choose SMSA for delivering their credit/debit cards, VIP gifts, valuables, e-commerce shipments and more.

Service specifications:

  • Secure delivery to homes and businesses structured according to your needs.
  • Multiple security features including personal ID and address validation.
  • A dedicated call centre in which all calls are recorded.
  • Automatic shipment notifications by SMS.
  • Access to online individual user profiles with customizable status reports.

* Exclusive For Corporate Customers