Home Decoration

Home Decoration

When dealing with furniture, appliances and other household items arriving as imports and/or headed to homes around the country - major home décor retailers know they can trust SMSA for every aspect of logistics.

Our international freight services and customs expertise ensures smooth transit and domestic entry from points of origin around the world.

We can consolidate, palletize and pack items on request, provide warehouse storage, manage inventory and ship purchases door-to-door anywhere in the country or wider region by truck (LTL & FTL).

Your household items are in good hands with SMSA.

Service Specifications: 

  • Door-to-door service.
  • International freight.
  • Customs clearance expertise.
  • Automated online shipping and tracking.
  • Storage and inventory management.
  • Packing, kitting and bundling.
  • The fast, professional shipping service your retail customers deserve.