Chances are, it wasn’t for the less glamorous realities - managing a supply chain, dealing with customs or dispatching a dozen boxes. Fortunately for you, this is where SMSA thrives. We’re the logistics support that lets you focus on doing what you love - making or buying and selling beautiful clothes and accessories.

Stay on top of changing tastes and evolving markets with our global network.

An overnight order of the latest high fashion from Europe or a sudden change in preferred sourcing for fabric - with SMSA, you’re quick to respond. Immediate access keeps your operation lean and mean, with reduced lead times, inventory and storage costs.

We tailor service for every situation – improving flow from suppliers, providing multi-channel distribution or helping with online sales fulfillment. You get cost-effective answers to fashion-industry challenges that combine SMSA packaging, handling, storage, transportation and more.

Whether you’re a small boutique or multi-storey department store, we have the solutions you need to succeed.


Service Specifications: 

  • International supply chain management and optimization.
  • Customs clearance expertise.
  • Rapid distribution network.
  • Fast turnaround on orders.
  • E-commerce capabilities – online ordering, shipping and tracking.
  • Inventory and warehouse management.
  • In-plant logistics and support.
  • Packing, kitting and bundling.