Engineering and Manufacturing

Engineering and Manufacturing

Whatever your product, it begins as a series of parts and materials, bits that come from far and wide through a range of suppliers.Managing inbound goods from multiple origins to multiple destinations absorbs your time and attention. And doing it right is no easy task – it takes synchronized delivery to avoid production delays, sourcing flexibility to adapt to market prices, ongoing customs expertise and daily inventory oversight.

Thankfully, with SMSA, you gain a logistics partner that can handle all that and more. Reap the benefits of a streamlined, integrated approach - from procurement, customs clearance and line-side delivery through to storage and distribution here and abroad.

SMSA can even assist or manage the internal logistics of your plant, improving efficiency, reducing inventory and cutting operating costs.Whatever our role, you retain complete control through online oversight and tracking.We make your life easier so you can get on with making the things people love and need.

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Service Specifications: 

  • Integrated logistics for an optimized supply chain.
  • Extensive global and domestic network for rapid land, air and sea freight.
  • Procurement services.
  • Fast turnaround, from order to delivery.
  • Handling of oversized, delicate and/or dangerous cargo.
  • Customs clearance expertise.
  • Automated, online shipping and tracking system.
  • Warehouse, yard and inventory management.
  • Sequencing and line-side feeding.
  • Best-in-class plant logistics and support.
  • Packing, kitting and bundling.
  • Reduced overhead costs
  • Improved productivity through reduced stoppages and better processes.