Vulnerable biological specimens like biopsies or blood samples require rapid transport under very strict conditions.Delicate diagnostic tools like EKG machines need extra-careful handling. Clinical test results and hazardous materials have their own stringent regulations.

SMSA has the specialized, WHO-compliant equipment to store and move these sensitive items in a temperature-controlled environment. Our high standards and strict adherence to proper procedures ensures that urgently-needed materials reach doctors and their patients safely and swiftly.Serving the healthcare sector a big responsibility, one not taken lightly. 

SMSA is proud to have earned the trust of hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies and drug manufacturers for their shipping needs. 


Service Specifications: 

  • Integrated supply chain management for hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and trials.
  • Packaging, storage and transportation of delicate equipment, samples and test results.
  • End-to-end temperature control for blood, urine, plasma, serum, medicine and/or biopsies in WHO-compliant, insulated isothermal boxes.
  • Continuous temperature monitoring in transit (reports provided upon request).
  • Real-time tracking.
  • Specially trained teams for handling and delivery.