A good logistics partner is key - they get critical pieces of your operation moving with optimum efficiency. Whether it’s raw materials, replacement parts or oversized ancillary equipment – it’s needed without delay and with utmost care in handling and storage.

At SMSA, we understand how safety demands and tight turnarounds make aerospace a uniquely challenging sector.We know that your supply chain is as complex as the precision engineering of your planes. We’re here to help.

We offer integrated logistics solutions that improve the flow of vital materials. We handle everything from over-sized, international freight to automated inventory and shipping software customized to your needs. Everything we do has one goal in mind – getting you off the ground and into the sky as quick as can be. 

Service Specifications: 

  • Extensive global network for international freight.
  • Handling of oversized, delicate and/or dangerous cargo.
  • Door-to-door, hold-for-pick up or drop-off service.
  • “Next-flight” urgent delivery.
  • Tracking in real time and online.
  • Storage, including warehouse and inventory management.
  • In-plant logistics and support.
  • Integrated services for an optimized supply chain.
  • Fully automated ordering/shipping system customized to your needs.
  • Packing – consolidation, palletization, wrapping and returnable assets.
  • Sub-assembly and kitting to speed up/simplify supply chain.
  • Fast turnarounds and competitive pricing.
  • Repair and return.