Healthcare Logistics

Healthcare Logistics

There are other considerations that make the logistics even more challenging. Vulnerable biological specimens like biopsies or blood samples require rapid transport under very strict conditions. Delicate diagnostic tools like EKG machines need extra-careful handling. Clinical test results and hazardous materials have their own stringent regulations.

SMSA has the specialized, WHO-compliant equipment to store and move these sensitive items in a temperature-controlled environment. Our high standards and strict adherence to proper procedures ensures that urgently-needed materials reach doctors and their patients safely and swiftly. Serving the healthcare sector is a big responsibility, one not taken lightly.

SMSA is proud to have earned the trust of hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies and drug manufacturers for their shipping needs. Trusted by major clients. We currently provide logistics for the MOH (Ministry of Health), serving more than 3,500 hospitals and clinics in Saudi Arabia.

We’re also contracted to the MOI (Ministry of the Interior), handling pharmaceutical logistics that include receiving, labeling and racking products in special cold rooms within our 30,000 square meter warehouse. Every day, we ship medicines directly to patients suffering chronic illness for the National Guard Hospital. SMSA has recently been entrusted with handling all inbound pharmaceutical customs clearance and deliveries for John Hopkins Aramco Hospital (JHAH). This important new partnership will soon expand to include lab services for specimen shipments across Saudi Arabia, as well as deliveries to Germany and the USA. We will also be JHAH’s bid box and express courier service (domestic and international outbound).


Service Specifications:

  • Integrated supply chain management for hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and trials.
  • Packaging, storage and transportation of delicate equipment, samples and test results across Saudi Arabia.
  • End-to-end temperature control for blood, urine, plasma, serum, medicine and/or biopsies in WHO-compliant, insulated isothermal boxes.
  • Continuous temperature monitoring in transit (reports provided upon request).
  • Real-time tracking.
  • Specially trained teams for handling and delivery.