Today’s must-have soon becomes yesterday’s news, and it’s up to you to keep up.To do that, you need a reliable, responsive logistics partner.

Manufacturer, distributor or retailer – whatever your role, SMSA is there to help you excel.

Through partnerships around the world, we’ll streamline your supply chain to make it faster, more flexible and cost-efficient - benefits which you pass on to the consumer (they’ll thank you for it!)

Our experience with high tech helps when it comes to complying with regulations, clearing customs and proper handling.

Our rapid and extensive reach offers you and your customers access to new tech products as soon as they’re available, while ensuring a quick turnaround on returns or repairs.


Service Specifications: 

  • Integrated logistics for an optimized supply chain.
  • Door-to-door service around the world.
  • Fast sourcing to meet changing demand.
  • Rapid turnaround for repairs or returns.
  • Packaging solutions plus kitting and bundling service.
  • Extensive distribution network.
  • Customs clearance and regulatory expertise.
  • Cost-effective ways to improve business efficiency and productivity.