The Communications, Space and Technology Commission launched a community initiative under the slogan #RecycleYourDevice, which aims to achieve sustainable development goals by raising the percentage of recycling the electronic products and devices, so that they can recycle and repair these devices in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the National Center for Waste Management and Ertiqa association.

A large and important number of associations and companies participated in the initiative, including more than 50 charities and schools, and more than 10,000 participants, in addition to 27 organizations had donated their devices.

SMSA was one of the most important companies that had participated in this initiative, as it provided its services by delivering devices, acting as a link between the donors and the authority.

The initiative was launched in two phases, the first was targeting the business sector and has started in mid-September 2022, while the second phase was targeting the individuals and has been launched in the middle of last December. And due to the high demand that the initiative received, it was extended to March 2023.

This initiative is considered to be the first national initiative concerned with the recycling of electronic devices. Whereas, the total interaction of this initiative has reached nearly 6 million interactions on various social media platforms.

The partners of this initiative were honored during the international technical conference "LEAP 23", by the commission for contributing to the success of such charitable initiatives.