SMSA Express at the International Cross-Border Ecommerce Trade Expo


SMSA Express had participated at International Cross-Border E-commerce Trade Expo 2019 that was held at the convention and exhibition center in Shenzhen Municipal of China.

Under the theme of “selecting excellent products through E-Commerce”, this expo has attracted participants from more than 30 countries. There were nearly 500 exhibitors with more than 80,000 professional spectators which attended the exhibition.

Mr. Mohannad M.S Khayyat, SMSA’s IBU Director had presented a speech on ” MENA Market- A New Driving force for the Sustained growth of Cross-Border E-commerce” at the main forum of the conference focusing on promoting the middle east and Saudi Arabia as a global cross-border e-commerce market. During this event, SMSA Express was selected by the organizing committee as one of the top 50 Cross-Border E-commerce logistics providers in the world, which was highly recognized by industry experts, exhibitors and e-commerce representatives.