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  • SMSA Custom Clearance Service


    Whether you’re an importer, wholesale or retail, a business with sites around the globe or a private individual making an occasional overseas purchase; Whether your consignments arrive by air or sea, in bags or cartons, on pallets or in containers, we offers tailored services to meet your clearance and onward forwarding needs. We clear your goods; move them to destinations around Saudi Arabia.

    Customs clearance is specialized and there are heavy penalties for making inaccurate declarations. Where it could take the inexperienced person many long hours to complete the process, we can get most shipments cleared on a timely manner. We complete the paperwork; and we get things processed fast.

    We offer tailored services to suit every requirement. We like challenges and look for creative ways to meet your needs. Our aim is to deliver an efficient, professional, timely service, specific to your individual requirements. Our experienced team is ready to answer your questions regarding importation, taxation and clearance procedures, helping to ensure that your consignments clear customs swiftly and efficiently