To be a provider of air-ground freight transportation services and logistic solutions, adapted to our clients’ needs within the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia and around the world.


SMSA aims to be:

“The Saudi Company of Reference for Fast, Reliable and Profitable Shipping Services with the Broadest Territorial Coverage in Saudi Arabia, by providing State of the Art Support for its Clients’ Transportation Needs within the Kingdom and around the World”.


Sultan Mohammed Saleh Al-Athel
Chairman of the Board

Quality Policy

The management of SMSA is committed to meet customer's expectations and continually improve the company performance while offering our customers safe,cost,effective and professional service.


SMSA is committed to being the leading provider of Shipping and logistics in saudiArabia offering fast,reliable courier and fright services with the broadest territorial coverage locally and internationally, by providing state of art support for it's clients shipping and logistics needs.


In SMSA, quality performance is considered a personal responsibility of all employees and to maintain it,we will maintain a woeking environment where training and tools are provided for all activities to procees in an efficient manner.

Sultan Mohammed Saleh Al-Athel
Chairman of the Board

Environment, Health & Safety Policy

SMSA Express Transportation Company Ltd., who is in the business of providing the services of Express Transportation, Logistics, Health Care Services, Freight and Mail Room Management Services, is committed to take adequate arrangements related to Environment, Health & Safety in all business aspects including receiving, storing, handling, storage and distribution. It is our policy to provide a workplace free from accidents, injuries and exposure to hazardous chemicals; protect the environment, conserve natural resources and prevent pollution taking into consideration our services end-of-life impacts on the environment.


Towards this, we have set our objectives and are committed to:


  • Comply with applicable Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) legislation and statutory, regulatory, contractual and other requirements.
  • Respond to community concerns regarding EHS and address them proactively in our operations
  • Integrate EHS considerations into business planning, business processes, and decision making
  • Maintain the effectiveness, and continually improve our EHS management system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards
  • Use management techniques including planning, monitoring, audits, analysis, and documentation of Environment & Safety related information to minimize EHS incidents / nonconformance associated with our operations.
  • Equip ourselves to address EHS emergencies
  • Champion EHS responsibility among all our employees and impart the requisite training, and encourage our employees and contractors to make suggestions on improving the EMS
  • Communicate our EHS policy and other concerns to our contractors and vendors and seek their compliance, and make this Policy available to our customers and other stakeholder
  • Continually review objectives and set targets to improve our EHS performance
  • Provide organizational structure, needed resources, support and directive to achieve these objectives
  • Take accountability for the EHS’ effectiveness through various tools including management review meetings, data analysis and reviews, corrective and preventive actions, and inspections. 


This Policy is reviewed periodically for its continuing suitability to the organization's current business.


Sultan Mohammed Saleh Al-Athel
Chairman of the Board

Our Core Values


Thinking and showing special concern for the interest and well being of others, especially on matters affecting their compensation, welfare, work environment, professional development and growth.

Customers Service:

Identifying and responding to current and future client needs; providing service excellence to internal and external clients.


Fostering and supporting the principles and values of the organization     and the public service as a whole.


The proactive generation, identification, and implementation of new and improved ideas, solutions, or opportunities to increase the efficiency,  effectiveness, and competitiveness of the Company’s products,  services, business systems & processes, and managerial methods.

Passion for results:

Focusing personal efforts on achieving results consistent with the organization’s objectives.


The manifestation of attitudes, behaviors, and actions that are consistent with the organization's interest, work values, and public image.