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About SMSA Express Trans. Co., Ltd.

Company Overview

Overview of SMSA Express Trans. Co., Ltd.
Every country has a vision for the future and every company and individual contributes to the growth of their nation. SMSA Express Trans. Co., Ltd. strives to provide the best air-ground freight transportation and logistics solutions with the broadest territorial coverage in Saudi Arabia. We believe in meeting customers expectations and we deliver on it millions of times a day. SMSA Express Trans. Co., Ltd. offers more products and services, more information and more ease to their customers by providing State of Art Support for our customers transportation needs.

We commit to get all shipments entrusted to us to their destinations safely and on time and to respond to any delivery problem swiftly and efficiently.

Our people are key to our success, we commit to provide them with; a safe work environment and opportunities to meet the competency requirements of their job, a fair, ethical and rigorous performance evaluation process, and rewards according to performance.

We will respect the fiduciary responsibility entrusted to us, and work to ensure the continuity of the firm through growth and profitability.

We value our partnership with FedEx and will do all we can to pursue initiatives that further our mutual interests.

We will work to establish mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers/creditors and deal with them ethically.


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