• You Are Important

    In light of the spread of the Corona virus (COVID-19) and with the current circumstances that the world is passing through, SMSA is absolutely keen to ensure the safety of it employees, clients, and any member of the homeland, where the protection of society is a shared responsibility.

    SMSA confirms that all of its employees abide by the instructions of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization and that it continuously following the latest developments of this virus and is trying to limit its spread.

    SMSA will continue to deliver and transport your shipments and it is trying hard to mitigate the impact of this crisis. It also confirms that all shipments will arrive in the best condition.

    As well as, SMSA would like to assure its dearest customers that the World Health Organization has stated that the risks of contracting the Coronavirus through a transported and shipped package, and being exposed to various conditions and temperatures are very minimum. However, SMSA is taking the following preventive measures in the daily operations:

    • Take all the necessary measures to sterilize SMSA facilities continuously.
    • Retaining personal hygiene for customer service staff and drivers with commitment to wearing a mask and using hand sanitizers.
    • Sterilizing the shipment’s packaging and ensuring that it is been delivered without any direct contact with the customer.

    May Allah protect us from this virus.
    And keep you healthy and well.

    SMSA Express