• Cold Chain Express

    When it comes to preserving the integrity, there is no margin for error.

    Cold Chain Express Service is a customized solution for temperature sensitive products that must be stored and transported in a temperature controlled environment. Our Door-to-Door service includes packaging, warehousing and transportation all over the Kingdom.

    This unique service is suitable for: Hospital and Laboratories. - Blood Samples, Blood Slides, Serum, Urine, Plasma, Biopsies, Clinical Trials.
    Pharmaceutical Industry- Medicines, Vaccines, Placebo, Injections, Insulin, Investigational Drugs, Laboratory Regents.
    Consumer goods industry - Frozen products.
    Service Features: Packaging Solutions as per WHO standards.
    Assistance on Packaging and paper works.
    Temperature recording during transportation.
    Exclusive trained team for pickup and delivery.
    Temperature controlled facilities in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam.
    Tracking and Tracing of shipments.
    Insulated Isothermal Boxes of different payloads are available on Rental or for Purchase.
    Synthetic monitoring device and temperature reading reports will be provided upon request.
    Service Benefits: Value for money
    Advanced product quality controls
    Secured transport for irreplaceable shipments
    Speed up processes
    Focus on core business
    Improve business efficiency